Instandsetzung Elektrotechnik


The repair of technical systems and components shall ensure that the functional condition is maintained or restored if failure occurs. SRE prevents system downtime, increases and optimizes the use of equipment and machine life, improves operational reliability, optimizes operations and helps save time and money.

Customer service

Telephone support for process problems
Dialing into plant controls for fault analysis and remote maintenance
Provision of a PLC programmer for remote maintenance during core working hours for existing customers
Repair work worldwide within 48h for existing customers
Supply of spare parts/deliveries

Siemens Solution Partnership

You take advantage of our partnership with Siemens through the intensive exchange of knowledge and experience between our experts and those of the partner company.

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Upon request, our controlling department will prepare evaluations of repair costs and spare parts needed. This allows common causes of faults to be detected and corrected.

Emergency service

Our technicians, as well as automation and application experts, can be reached at any time of the day or night for existing customers in and around Kassel. This saves you long and expensive downtime.

Contact us

We can help you with any questions about maintenance or optimization you may have.