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Optimization of production processes

SRE takes over the goal-oriented planning and optimization to improve the individual production steps and the reliable calculation of future processes.

Optimization services

Detailed process analysis

Examining existing and planned processes is one of the most important processes when optimizing a machine. Comprehensive process analyzes are therefore essential at SRE.

Innovative cooperation

Together with all involved persons, we develop new concepts for the optimum solution for your machine.

Siemens Solution Partnership

You take advantage of our partnership with Siemens through the intensive exchange of knowledge and experience between our experts and those of the partner company. Read more

DIN Certified

SRE Stockmann + Reinlander Elektrotechnik GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. This ensures the best quality of all the services delivered – we offer proven unmatched standards.



To secure a market advantage for our customers, we carry out a detailed process analysis as part of our activities. Based on this analysis, we develop measures with the customer to optimize the future processes.

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We can help you with any questions about maintenance or optimization you may have.