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Together with our customers, we develop maintenance systems for your machinery.


Maintenance concepts

We ensure the constant and efficient performance of your machines through professional maintenance and service concepts.

Spare parts store

We advise you on the stockpiling of spare parts in the area of ​​production lines with the goal of a fast repair by own staff.

Creation of maintenance lists

For the daily maintenance of the operation and preventive maintenance, we create machine-specific maintenance checklists.

Solution Partnership

You take advantage of our partnership with Siemens through the intensive exchange of knowledge and experience between our experts and those of the partner company.

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DIN Certified

SRE Stockmann + Reinlander Elektrotechnik GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. This ensures the best quality of all the services delivered – we offer proven unmatched standards.


Upon request, our controlling department will prepare evaluations of repair costs and spare parts needed. This allows common causes of faults to be detected and corrected.

Remote maintenance

For existing customers, SRE offers fast help for error analysis or to check functional processes through their remote maintenance service. During the core working hours, we provide you with a PLC programmer for remote control or technicians who dial into the plant controls of their machines.

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We can help you with any questions about maintenance or optimization you may have.