Crash repair

In the event of a breakdown and a resulting failure of the machine, we intervene quickly and efficiently and repair the damage by an immediate crash repair with no downtime for your company. SRE helps to avoid you getting bogged down.


Remote maintenance

For existing customers, SRE offers fast help for error analysis or to check functional processes through their remote maintenance service. During the core working hours, we provide you with a PLC programmer for remote control or technicians who dial into the plant controls of their machines.

Emergency service

Our technicians, as well as automation and application experts, can be reached at any time of the day or night for existing customers in and around Kassel. This saves you long and expensive downtime.


To secure a market advantage for our customers, we carry out a detailed process analysis as part of our activities. Based on this analysis, we develop measures with the customer to optimize the future processes.


Upon request, our controlling department will prepare evaluations of repair costs and spare parts needed. This allows common causes of faults to be detected and corrected.

Contact us

We can help you with any questions about maintenance or optimization you may have.